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Home to Canada, Mexico, and the United States, North America encompasses ecosystems from alpines and grasslands, to deserts and coral reefs. This continent’s wildlife is immensely rich in diversity; ranging from the formidable polar bears of Manitoba to the docile manatees of Florida’s crystal blue waters. There is a wildlife destination in North America for every season of the year! No matter the month, exciting wildlife viewing awaits you throughout this region.
The African continent is a whole world of its own. Famous for world class safari experiences, no two countries are the same. From the Masai Mara of Kenya to the freshwater channels of the Okavango Delta in Botswana; Africa is teaming with wildlife. Think past checking off the “Big 5” and discover the true plethora of animal species that call Africa home.
Asia might be home to the two most populated countries in the world, but there is plenty of wilderness still to discover. It would take years to encounter the wild biodiversity of this massive continent, but you would be foolish not to try. Imagine discovering the tracks left by tigers while on safari in India or observing rhinos as they indulge in emerald green grasses of Nepal.
Most have dreamt of traveling to Europe, but few imagine the wild places of this continent. Discover Europe’s natural side, as we look further than Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. Instead, have your sights set on puffins off the Icelandic coast or the brown bears of Finland’s the dense forests.