Video: Fast Tips to See Strand Feeding Dolphins

Strand feeding is a unique behavior in which bottlenose dolphins near Charleston, SC herd and catch fish on the shoreline. Its name comes from the momentary beaching (or stranding) as the dolphins push their prey ashore before they slide back into the water. This is a learned behavior that is passed down from mother to calf, not all dolphins are able to strand feed. In fact, only a handful of the nearly 350 resident dolphins around Charleston actually know how to strand feed.

While other species of marine mammals have been observed stand feeding, the dolphins near Kiawah Island are seen nearly daily partaking in this practice. What sets Kiawah Island apart from the rest of the world is it is considered one of the most accessible places on earth to observe this unique behavior.

For more information: Dolphin Strand Feeding: 6 Tips to See for Yourself

Bottlenose dolphin strand feeding

SUCCESSFUL strand feeding


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